Back after a LONG break!

I am back after a LONG absence from this blog!


Life has been very busy for me and my mom and dad and everyone.

A lot is going on in my dog-life.

My mom took a trip to the other side of the world for a couple of weeks and I missed her a lot. I missed our daily walks and her attention. Me and dad went to stay at grandma’s house. I stole stuff from the table and ran with it and pooped on the floor once while no one was looking.. I really acted crazy, because I was just so frustrated that mom was not there. But 3 weeks later she was back and I was forced to behave again…

After that we started packing all our stuff, because we moved into a bigger place. Mom was packing everything in boxes and it confused me because she started packing all my treats and bones and toys and I didn’t know why… it made me nervous.. And then we went to this empty house and I saw they were bringing in all the boxes and a few days later I saw mom unpack that box with my stuff and she opened it for me. I then realized this was our new house, my bed was here, my crate was here, and my food and water bowl and also my rawhides and toys and treats. I also have a yard now. I didn’t have a yard before, only a fenced in porch, so this is a lot better. Mom bought me some outside toys and I have been running around outside playing with them.

Of course I also grew a lot, I will be 11 months old tomorrow, 1 more month and I will be a year old! Time goes by so fast! I remember the day when mom brought me home. I was confused because I had to leave my brothers and sisters behind. But mom and dad were really nice to me. And now I love them a lot.

There’s something else I wanted to ask too, I am in a photo-contest. There are 3 prizes to win, for who comes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. You can vote on facebook. I wanted to ask if you all want to vote for me!

Go to this link right here:

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-the more votes I get the more chance I have of winning something!

I would really appreciate all of your votes!

Bark you later,

Barney x

Me a couple of weeks ago...

Me a couple of weeks ago…

swimming at the dog park

It’s been a while but that’s ’cause we have been very busy….. soon I will reveal to you what we have been up to… 

But not yet!

First an update about my life.

I have gotten quite big and I like seeing other dogs and after my fun time at the dog park with all the other corgis, my people-parents took me to another dog park to go play in the water! There is a lake and I didn’t really want to go in at first but after I saw the other dogs jump in there I went in too!


The cone of shame

The cone of shame

Me wearing the cone of shame, but I am doing pretty good. No pain. A big appetite and the incision is healing up very nicely! I got pain meds but only took them once. Mom & Dad got me a bone to gnaw on so I stay calm and chew my new bone, that made me happy!

Getting neutered!

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a while, my mom and dad and me have been super busy these last couple of weeks so my mom didn’t really keep up with her blogging.. oops! Until today that is!

I got a little bigger again in the mean time. I am starting to get heavy mom says.

I have also started to become quite the adolescent.. I like peeing every 10 seconds, I didn’t used to do that before, but now whenever I smell “old pee” I have to pee on it… it’s MY route, I walk there… mom doesn’t like it very much because I also like to poop in the middle of the street and that is very uncomfortable for mom… She always carries a ton of poop bags with her though. She knows me already ;).

Oh and.. next Tuesday the big snip is happening.. I will be getting neutered. Mom wanted to wait as long as possible, because she heard rumors of growth hormones. Apparently if ‘the snip’ happens too early corgis can get joint problems later because of their long bodies. But I have gotten pretty big already, I will not grow that much anymore. And it’s impossible to go fun places anymore, like the dog park, or a walk on the street is stressful as well because my friends who used to play with me all the time during my walks smell that I am a testosterone raging teenager now and they sometimes growl, and that makes me sad. So it’s for the better. I want to be able to play again and not have to worry about other dogs not liking me.

I will be wearing an e-collar for a while “the cone”. Mom will surely humor all of you with a nice picture of that…

My mom has also started a new blog on, about natural living, a lot of dog stuff will be posted on there too so surely check it out. All the dog stuff will be posted here too, like this for example: She’s talked about this before but not as elaborated as in this post so check it out!

Bark you later

Barney x